Apr 04

Rebuilding Trust in a Marriage

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Steve *: “I never imagined that Jodi would commit adultery. I lost all trust in her. Words cannot describe how difficult it was for me to forgive her.”

Jodi: “I understand why I lost Steve’s trust. It took many years for me to prove my regret.”

THE Bible gives victims of adultery the option to decide whether to divorce or not. * (Matthew 19:9) Steve, quoted above, decided not to get a divorce. Both he and Jodi resolved to save their marriage. They soon learned, however, that this meant much more than just continuing to live together. Why? Because, as noted in their comments, Jodi’s infidelity shattered all trust between them. Since mutual trust is vital to marital happiness, they had work to do.

Mar 11

Why some people are dishonest

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Why some people are dishonest

In today’s world, honesty could seem to be a disadvantage. After all, some might reason:

‘If I don’t lie to my parents, I could get grounded.’

‘If I don’t cheat on this test, I might fail it.’

‘If I don’t steal this item, I’ll have to save up for it.’

‘Besides, what’s the big deal?’ some might ask. ‘Isn’t everyone dishonest?’



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